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This autumn, Norwegian and UNICEF will conduct the most important flight of the year. For the fifth time, we’re filling a plane with emergency aid to help children who need it the most.

Our goal is to fill every available inch of the aircraft with aid so that we can improve the daily lives of children affected by war and conflict in Chad. We hope that you can help us fill the plane so the children in Chad can reach their fullest potential, strengthen their local communities and get the future they deserve.

Chad is in many ways a forgotten crisis; terror attacks and military operations have displaced several hundred thousand people, most of whom are children.

Violence, destruction and climate change have left hundreds of thousands of children trapped behind conflict lines and suffering from malnutrition. Many of the children caught in the conflict have been subjected to unimaginable violence and abuse, and have lost their families, their homes and years of education.

Chad will be missing a whole generation of future problem solvers, and many of the children are aware of this. Despite their young age, many children are expressing a strong desire to go to school, so that they can build a future for themselves and for their country.

Children who experience some form of normality in a crisis, such as going to school or playing, are much better equipped to deal with and process trauma.

Please help us fill a plane with school supplies, life-saving nutrition, vaccines and emergency aid so the children of Chad can support themselves and rebuild their communities. 


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