We would like to keep you updated on our work for the world’s children, and we treat your information with care to give you a better user experience.  You have the  right to request insight, correction or deletion of your personal information. At the bottom of the page you can find contact information for just that. For those of you would like to have your name stored in the Artic World Archive, please note we will not be able to remove your name as it will be converted for permanent storage. Only your name will be stored in the vault with the DNA sample.

Processing of personal information by UNICEF Norway

UNICEF is obligated to process personal information from its donors, supporters and users in a safe manner. Here you can read more about how we collect, use and protect information about our donors and people we are in contact with.

What kind of information do we collect?

We collect and use your personal information for different purposes depending on who you are and how we interact with you. We gather personal information for:


  1. Fundraising and administration of gifts and donations for UNICEF. This includes name, address, e-mail address, phone number, amount and account information. Processing is done on the basis of the terms of the donor agreement with have with you.
  2. Storing and use of personal information to create engagement, loyalty and raising new funds for UNICEF. This includes name, address, e-mail address, phone number, age, donation history. Processing is done on the basis  of a balancing of interest.
  3. Sending out marketing material, newsletters and to provide you with information about our work: collection and use of your  E-mail address for communication. Processing is done on the basis of your consent.
  4. Petition: if you sign up for the Petition from outside Norway, you provide your consent to share your information with other UNICEF offices for the purpose of further engagement with you.
  5. Possibilities for tax deduction for gifts given to UNICEF Norway. This includes name, personal number, amount. Processing is done on the basis of regulatory obligations.
  6. Personalized ads about UNICEF’s work and other donation options. This includes IP-address, e-mail address or phone numbers. Processing is done on the basis of your consent.
  7. Recruitment for new job opportunities with us. This includes resume, application, personal statements and references. Processing of your personal information is done on the basis of your consent.

Distribution of your personal information to other parties

At this time we use the following data processors:

  • WinOrg: Supplier of case processing and donor system.
  • Apsis: Supplier of newsletter solution.  
  • Intility and Microsoft: Supplier of IT-solutions
  • Good Morning: Supplier of contact form for inheritance.
  • Loxysoft: Supplier of call centre system.
  • Artisti: Sending out postal communication.
  • Front: Supplier of website with registration form for gifts, pledge, newsletter and feriesentralen.no
  • Aidbuilder: Supplier of crowdfunding solution for gifts.
  • Puzzel: SMS-solutions.
  • Bisnode: Data wash for correction of personal information.
  • E-reg: Store for Inspired Gifts giving solution.
  • Questbac:. Supplier of surveys.
  • Interface: Supplier of pledge registration solutions for the channels Face-to-face and Door-to-door.
  • Piql: storage of data in the Arctic World Archive

All processing of personal information is done within the EU/EEA-area. 

Storage time

We store your personal information as long as necessary for the purpose that the information was gathered. 

This means,  for example personal information we process on the grounds of your consent is deleted if you retract your consent. Personal information that we process as per  an agreement with you is deleted when the agreement is fulfilled,  and all duties that in the agreement is fulfilled, unless there are valid grounds to process the information further. Personal information we process to fulfil legal obligations from authorities are deleted when determined on legal grounds. This applies for example for book keeping and accounting regulations.  

For other purposes that we process personal information, we delete information as follows. 

Purpose Storage time
To create engagement, loyalty and raising new funds for UNICEF. 6 months if you have never contributed to UNICEF and don’t reply to our requests.     

By 3 years from the last time you made a contribution to UNICEF you are transferred to a prospect- registry where we keep your information for 1 year.

Job applications and resumes Are deleted when the position has been filled. Information can be stored further with consent form the registered


Your rights when we process your personal information

You have further right to demand limited processing, to oppose processing and demand the right to data portability. You can read more about the content of these rights at the website of Datatilsynet: www.datatilsynet.no The right to data portability takes effect 1. July and we will protect this right from 1. July 2018.


To exercise your rights you must contact UNICEF by e-mail or phone with the contact information provided. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and within 30 days at the latest.


We will ask you to confirm your identity or to provide further information before we let you exercise your rights with us. We do this to be certain that we only allow access to your information to you and not someone who claims to be you. You can at any time pull your consent for us processing your personal information. The simplest way to do this is to sign off using the link you will find in all our newsletters or other information we send out, or by contacting us by e-mail or phone as provided under contact information.


If you believe  that our processing of personal information does match what we have described or if you mean that we in other ways violate privacy legislation, you have the right to complain to Datatilsynet. You can find information on how to contact Datatilsynet on their website: www.Datatilsynet.no


If changes are made to our services or changes in the rules for data processing of personal information, this can mean changes in the information provided here. If we have your contact information, we will inform you about these changes. Updated information will also be readily available on our website.

Information capsules (cookies)

UNICEF uses different analysis tools and stores information capsules (cookies) on unicef.no (with associated websites). Information capsules are small text files that our websites store on your computer, so that we can recognise you as a user and provide you with customised content and services when you visit our websites. Information capsules do not contain personal information.


Information Capsules and Analytics

We use the following:

_UTM* (Processed by UNICEF and external suppliers)


Used in Google Analytics to register and analyse visitor statistics on our websites. Information stored in Google Analytics does not contain identifiable personal information. We use this information to understand how visitors use our website.


Facebook Pixel (Processed by: UNICEF, Facebook and UNICEF’s collaborators.


We use Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel to track and improve our marketing campaigns on Facebook. Read more about ads on Facebook and how you can adjust your personal settings on Facebook.


_hj* Processed by: UNICEF, HotJar and external suppliers


Used in HotJar to analyse the user experience on our websites. Information stored in HotJar does not contain identifiable personal information but does contain anonymised data about users’ movement and behaviour on our websites. We use this information to improve how visitors experience the website and to improve and develop our information service.

Improved user experience

By visiting our websites you consent to us using information capsules/cookies, so that we can provide you with a better user experience.


We use the following analysis tools and third party solutions:


  • Google Analytics and Google Data Studio
  • Facebook Analytics
  • HotJar


Google tag manager is used to organise and run scripts run on our websites.

Use and distribution of personal information

When you give a gift or request communication from UNICEF, we ask for personal information from you. UNICEF is obligated to process your information in a safe manner, that follows the Norwegian privacy policy law.(Personvernloven)  UNICEF can use your personal information to communicate with you regarding your donor agreement or your use of UNICEF’s offers and services. UNICEF is obligated not to share your information with anyone other than our internal UNICEF operations, as well as select collaborators for campaigns.


UNICEF takes digital safety seriously. All correspondence of personal information is therefore sent encrypted with  SSL. Correspondence of credit information for online payment for pledge or one time donations is handled by our suppliers of payment solutions; NetsDIBS and Stripe


Responsible for personal information that we process is UNICEF Norway by General Secretary Camilla Viken. 

For any questions you may have regarding UNICEF’s processing of your personal information, please send an email to to personvern@unicef.no 

Contact information for UNICEF Norway is:

Address: Sandakerveien 130, Postboks 4734 Nydalen, 0421 Oslo
E-mail: kontakt@unicef.no or use this form 
Phone: 24 14 51 00. Week days: 09.00 - 15.00.
Organisation number: 915972438