121 palestinske barn drept

During the last 24 hours (between 20 July 11:00 and 21 July 11:00), at least Palestinian 28 children were killed throughout Gaza - more than one per hour.

Over the past 48 hours, at least 20 Palestinian children were killed during the ongoing high-intensity hostilities in the Shejaya neighbourhood of Gaza City.

Since the beginning of the hostilities, at least 121 Palestinian children were reported killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes and shelling. These children (84 boys and 37 girls) were aged between 5 months and 17 years old; two-thirds of the children killed were 12 years old or younger.

At least 904 Palestinian children have been reported injured so far in Gaza; six Israeli children were reported injured in Israel.

Fourteen days of bombardment have also wrought severe damage to critical water and sanitation infrastructure, and brought down power lines feeding hospitals and health facilities. Around 70 percent, or 1.2 million of Gaza’s residents, now have no secure access to safe water, and electricity runs only about four hours a day. It is estimated that only 50% of the sewage pumping and waste water treatment systems still operate. Repairs cannot be carried out and it is difficult to operate infrastructure due to the situation on the ground – 3 municipal technicians were killed while on duty in airstrikes. Another 800,000 people are impacted by the potential for sewage contamination of the water system through damage to sewage pipes. This situation poses a significant public risk of water borne diseases.

The Gaza emergency psychosocial teams visited 93 children on Sunday 20 July. All children visited showed signs of extreme anxiety, fear and sense of insecurity.
Since 7 July, the emergency psychosocial teams were able to provide initial psychosocial support to 868 children.

On 20 July, text messages were sent to10,000 subscribers of Jawwal mobile phones in Gaza. The messages provide parents with advice and with a phone number to call for free, for advice and support.

Since 14 July 2014, radio spots have been airing on radio stations daily to alert children and their families on the dangers posed by unexploded ordinances that could remain in the rubble of buildings flattened by airstrikes.

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Helene har harbeidet som kommunikasjonsrådgiver i UNICEF Norge i 6 år

Gjennom jobben reiser hun en del i felt for å dokumentere UNICEFs arbeid. Helene arbeidet for UNICEF i Liberia, i forbindelse med Ebolaepidemien 2014/2015 og jobbet med krisekommunikasjon på regionkontoret til UNICEF i Vest- og Sentralafrika i 2016.

168 palestinske barn er drept på Gazastripen

226 palestinske barn er drept på Gazastripen

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